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19 July 2019

Make no mistake, the retail and consumer products industry is facing an increasing number of sophisticated cyber attacks by state hackers, criminal cyber attack groups and politically and socially motivated computer hackers. These attacks are often planned, coordinated and implemented cyber...

10 July 2019

Agile and innovative businesses are the best placed to manage and mitigate business risks, as discovered through the results from a survey with over 500 C-suite and senior risk experts across the globe surveyed for the Global Risk Landscape 2019 report.The global business environment continues to...

02 July 2019

Get to know the latest reports on Transfer Pricing in our newest Tax Bulletin.

28 February 2019

Law No. 70 of 31 January 2019 was recently approved "Reforming the Penal Code and other provisions" in the  Official Gazette No. 28.705 of February 1, 2019. Through this new law, chapter XII is added to title VII of the second  book of the Penal Code "offences against the national treasury".

25 January 2018

Administrative Tax Court: Application of Double Tax Treaty provisions on Dividend Distributions and the concept of Beneficial Owners

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