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BDO Panama awarded ¨Americas Tax Policy Firm of the Year¨ at the Americas Tax Awards - by Euromoney´s International Tax Review (ITS)

29 September 2017

Publio Cortés C. , Legal and Tax Services Partner |

BDO Panama awarded "Americas Tax Policy Firm of The Year" at the Americas Tax Awards - by Intl Tax Review (ITR).

The ceremony was held on September 14, 2017 at The Pierre Hotel in New York. GIINTAX, now a BDO Panama brand and line of service, through our International Tax Partner, Jose Andres Romero, was leading tax advisor to the Panamanian Banking Association and the Panamanian Capital Markets Chamber as well as a key private sector collaborator to the Panamanian Tax Authority in drafting the local statutes and regulations for implementation of FATCA and the OECD´s Common Reporting Standard in Panama.

Mr. Romero´s guidance and tax technical advice was most appreciated by both the private and public sector in Panama while the local statutes and the local regulations were being conceived. The FATCA and CRS statutes (Act 47 of October 2016 and Act 51 of October 2017) and the regulations (Decree 124 of May 2017) are in full force and effect so we were a key player in taking Panama into the era of international tax transparency. Moreover, we are the preeminent tax firm providing continual and systematic education to the financial industry in Panama on FATCA, the IRS Qualified Intermediary Program and the OECD´s Common Reporting Standard.