• BDO History

BDO History

The international BDO network was established in 1963 by three European offices, the first letter of each of the three founder's names make up the logo of today's network: Binder (UK), Dijker (NL), Otte (D), an American and a Canadian firm. BDO today is one of the largest Auditing, Accountancy and Consultancy companies in the world. 

In 1967, the Accountancy firm HILLEN was founded in Brussels. About 10 years later, a first association between HILLEN, SAMYN and the Dutch CAMPSOBERS was set up. A second office was opened in Antwerp and the firm soon obtained official admission by the Belgian Institutes of Auditors and Accountants.

Through a merger with the Liège based KILESSE,GRIGNARD and by opening a new office in Gent, BDO became one the largest national players, located in the proximity of it's customers. Later, the integration with VAN BREDA Accountants was established, and two more premises were opened in Namur (2001) and Hasselt (2003).

Through the affiliation with the international BDO network in 1988, the firm was named BDO BELGIUM. This new denomination meant a large break-through in the development of it's service offerings and a window to the global network of BDO.

On January 1st 2006 the seventh office of BDO opened in Wavre.

Since the 1st of January 2007, BDO has an office in Roeselare, through a collaboration with the auditor firm Pouseele. Because of this merger, BDO now also has a firm hub in the province of West-Flanders.

Consequently, the ambition to attain a regional spread throughout the country has been reinforced.

Hans Wilmots (CEO) and Koen De Brabander (COO) will take up their new position on the first of October 2010. They both were members of the Executive Committee for the past 10 years. The rejuvenation at the top, will be combined with an adjusted organizational structure, aiming to better assist clients in navigating through BDO's wide service offering.