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13 October 2021

Our regional Real Estate advisory unit for Central America provides you with the most important tools for financial structuring, corporate governance, legal and tax advice, in order to enhance the value of your assets and optimize the performance of your real estate projects.

11 August 2021

Recently the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) issued a judgment dated June 22, 2021, resulting from the unconstitutionality action filed by BDO Legal on behalf of Rubén Bustamante R, against Article 710 of the Tax Code, specifically the third, fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs of...

09 August 2021

Panama, by means of Law 2 of August 22, 1916, approved its Code of Commerce which entered into effect on October 10, 1917. Book III was dedicated to the regulation of bankruptcy, from article 1534 to 1648, which contemplates the following topics in five titles: Title I: Declaration of bankruptcy...

01 July 2021

Panama is a country that has been for several consecutive years among the countries with the highest economic growth in the Latin American region, it has political and social stability, which has resulted in many companies seeing several opportunities to invest in different types of activities.

11 June 2021

Through Law 80 of November 8, 2012, tax incentives were adopted in order to promote investment in tourism infrastructure in Panama. It was subject to amendments by Law 122 of December 31, 2019 specifically in Article 9 which promotes investment and financing for the development of new tourism...

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