Quality Management System

Quality Managing System

In BDO Panama the commitment to quality is a fundamental pillar, aligned and materialized in each of the activities developed in our portfolio of services and in our actions, continuous improvement is a principle that forms the basis of the organizational culture, performing through the implementation, maintenance and planned monitoring of the quality management system, operating according to international standards, which apply to the fulfillment of the duties of the firms that provide professional audit services, financial advisory and other assurance engagements or related services; The compliance of the processes with the structuring and communication of internal policies and guidelines required by BDO Global and its member firms is ensured.

The requirements are managed by each of the members of the firm, a team of professionals with the appropriate and necessary skills to achieve the objectives set, human resources that performs ethically in compliance with their duties and in accordance with the regulatory laws to which each of the services provided give rise, through the application of standardized practical methodologies and the use of applicable technological resources, always guaranteeing client satisfaction by meeting their expectations and covering their needs.

BDO Panama fosters a preventive culture by identifying strategic and operational risks, evaluating them and performing continuous follow-ups which allow taking corrective and improvement actions in a timely manner. 

BDO Audit

Provision of Financial Audit, Compliance Audit, Review of Financial Statements, Compilation of Financial Statements, Audit According to Agreed Procedures, Capabilities and Specialties and Assurance Services.

BDO Advisory

Provision of services in M&A Strategy, Corporate Finance, Post-Integration M&A, Corporate Strategy, Structure & Turnaround, Sell-Side & Separate Strategy, Growth & Innovation, Family Business, Digital Strategy, Public Sector, Risk & Forensic Audit, Digital Transformation, Real Estate Advisory, Business Services & Outsourcing, Accounting & Compliance, Global Compliance and Outsourced Business Processes.



Provision of Tax Assurance Services, Tax Consulting, Tax Diagnostics, Tax Planning, Tax Auditing, Seminars and Trainings, Accreditation of Benefits of Double Taxation Agreements, Tax Assessments, Expatriates and Transfer Pricing.


BDO Legal

Provision of services in Corporate Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Labor and Immigration Law, Litigation.