Tax Diagnostic

Tax Diagnostic

We determine the compliance levels, excess payments, due payments, errors in the estimates, the tax base used and the compliance of the formal requirements.  

The context for the provision of service is the test of the operations and the application of tax regulations related to the type of business. In such sense; we inquire, carry out tests, verify and examine the compliance or non-compliance of tax, social security, labor and municipal regulations.

The purpose of the tax diagnostic is to determine the tax, labor and social security position of the business in order to detect, correct and structure as best as possible, the operations, documents and records that minimize situations of fiscal risk.  

While planning, executing and developing this service, we focus on detecting possible errors, misapplication of the regulations, fiscal impairment or non-compliance; especially on income tax, I.T.B.M.S., Income Tax Retentions, as well as expense deductions and tax treatment of contributions.   

We make sure that the client is not violating any laws and putting their business at risk.