Financial Auditing

Financial Auditing

Our main objective is to provide an independent auditors’ opinion, with the purpose of promoting credibility in the financial statements.

The auditing service may go an extra mile by providing value, by integrating financial statement audits with other professional quality services.

At BDO Panamá, we are constantly concerned on aiding our clients and our people in achieving excellence. That is why, we use a combination of both strong technical knowledge with high technologies for the development of our audits.

Our auditing techniques incorporate the stages of the auditing process which includeassessment tools, filing of the auditing risks, as well as, electronic documentation of working papers and client data bases. 

Our technological auditing processes, allow us to conduct our work both efficient and effectively, and provide us with a quick and flexible incorporation capacity for handling the majority of the time any information in the data bases.

This way we reduce our costs of analysis, we add quality to the work by meeting the new professional requirements related to internal control and to the withholding of risk situations.

By using these technology processes we are able to read, visualize, analyze, store, manage, collect samples or extract data from files from multiple origins – from a mainframe or a PC -, including printed reports.

In addition, we have technical consultation tools (IFRS, ISA, FAS, SAS, etc.) which allow our professionals to carry out consistent, high quality audits anywhere in the world.