Corporate Law

Ever-changing legislation and investments promote new business and expand the range of corporate services that companies need to consider to remain relevant in this changing economy. These changes must go hand in hand with tax efficient planning consistent with the business vision. BDO, as an integral business advisor, is ready to help you.

Our approach is to guarantee our client's trust and develop high quality work that will build a strong and reliable alliance with our clients.

That is why our specialized team of lawyers is committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and is trained to support them according to their needs based on legal advice in accordance with the current regulations.

The following are some of the services that BDO LEGAL offers

  • Constitution of companies, trusts and Private Interest Foundations
  • Dissolution of companies
  • Re-domiciliation of companies
  • Resident Agents
  • Mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and corporate restructuring
  • Review and preparation of contracts (civil, commercial, labor contracts, continuous advice or retainer).
  • Legal advice
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Advice and accompaniment in the process of issuing securities
  • Business Reorganization Processes
  • Others

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