Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

The most valuable asset of any company, whether a transnational corporation, a family conglomerate or a small or medium-sized enterprise, is its intellectual property.

Brands reflect their full market value, rather than their fixed assets such as real estate, manufacturing plant, or distribution fleets. The latter, after all, can be replaced, but not their brands, patents or trade names.

Our Intellectual Property department addresses the issue in a comprehensive manner, in which we cooperate with our clients to make an adequate administration, defense and protection of their intellectual property. From the registration of Patents, to the registration, defense or opposition of a trademark. From the fight against piracy to copyrights, our team can add value and protection to these valuable assets.


  • Patent registration
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Names
  • Copyright
  • Oppositions
  • Litigation
  • Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Unfair Competition
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Strategy
  • Internet Domains
  • Social Networks
  • Specialized Agreements
  • Protected Designations of Origin
  • Brand Assessments

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